What would change, if you could 100X your team's output, productivity and impact for each aspect of your business?

You could be just three easy steps away from your team creating 50, 70, 100 times the results your business (or businesses) produces now.

We Will Build For You A Custom, ProfitableDFY AI Chat Worker System That Is Guaranteed To Perform Or You Don’t Pay.

Smart entrepreneurs know that time is a precious resource that should be used wisely to achieve maximum results across all departments.

They let Al do the heavy lifting SO they can focus on what really matters - quality work. 💰

By having their team outsource menial tasks to Al, within their organization, they free up precious time to:
🧠 Make better decisions
💡 Discover untapped strategies
🔑 Scale their operations, etc.

That's why businesses using AI PROPERLY are more effective than you are.

The more time you outsource to AI... ⌛

with the right setup...

...the more time you and your team will have for other tasks.
Be it walking in the park🌳, or closing a million dollar deal💰.

BUT, simply using AI won't guarantee success. Especially if you just use the same tech everyone around you does.

There are literally millions using generic AI tools like ChatGPT or other limited Al tools in the same way every other person around the corner uses them.

As a successful entrepreneur, imagine trying to win a race with the same car as everyone else. You might have a chance, but your odds of success are much higher if you have a customized, high-performance vehicle. The same goes for AI.

To truly succeed, you need to get ahead and start using AI with your team (or teams) that's not available to just anybody, that OUTPERFORMS the general, cheaply designed BS in thousands of areas - and you need to use it properly, with proven templates and ready-made instructions, to your advantage - while making sure the data stays in-house.

Wise entrepreneurs understand this.

Who's This Made For?

And you make between 1M and 100M per year (for bigger companies we have different deals).

If that's you...

Then leaving this page could be the most costly mistake you’ll ever make.

This is specifically designed for entrepreneurs and businesses in the above categories who have a successful business, but want to save time and multiply their money with expert-level AI.

Save 1,000's Of Work Hours & Skyrocket Your Operations With AI ChatWorkers. Entirely DFY, on your private page.

✨ Did you see all the videos about general AI, got excited… tried it but didn’t get the results you wanted? You are not alone. The truth is that the current version of general AI that everyone have access to is only a first version of the true power of AI… until now.

💡 Yet, 95% of entrepreneurs are NOT utilizing existing AI tech properly and don’t even know that better versions (that outperform the generally known tech in thousands of areas) do exists. On top of that, unlocking the full power of Role Specific AI Chat Workers comes only with specific templates that deliver the right result.

Our AI Chat Workers use advanced technology and top-quality templates, while keeping your usage private.

Imagine ChatGPT, but can do thousands of tasks better, is specialized on its area of expertise and exists on your unique URL.

Plus we show you how to use them to their maximum potential.

A team of AI experts working for you to help you scale.

Chief Revenue Officer
Chief Sales Officer
Sales Automation Generator
Sales Manager
Sales Playbook Generator
Sales Script Generator
High Ticket Sales Presentation Generator
High Ticket Sales Video Generator
High Ticket Video Sales Letter Generator
Call Closing Funnel Generator
Deal Generator
Demo Video Generator
Al Sales Material Creator
Cold Calling Script Generator
Cold Email Sequence Script Generator
Cold DM Script Generator
Company Branding Manager
Marketing Analytics Manager
Marketing Funnel Generator
Marketing Plan Generator
Marketing Automation Generator
High Ticket Cold Email Sequence Script Generator
High Ticket Cold DM Script Generator
High Ticket Follow Up Script Generator
High Ticket Email Campaign Generator
High Ticket Voicemail/Voice Message Script Generator
High Ticket Closing Script Generator
Objection Beater Generator
Corporate Branding Manager
Personal Branding Avatar Document Creator/Generator
Personal Branding Manager
Online Advertising Manager
Video Sales Letter Generator
Avatar Creator
Avatar Document Creator/Generator
Awareness Manager
Nurturing Sequence Generator
CEO Accountability Coach
CEO Coach
Sales Coach
Online Course Generator
Online Course Instructor
Tutorial Generator
Coaching Contract Generator
CEO Generator
Customer Service
Chief Customer Experience Officer
Customer Service Manager
Customer Service Material Generator
Customer Success Manager
Customer Onboarding Manager
Direct Message Manager
Human Resources
SOP Generator
Chief Motivation Officer
Chief People and Culture Office
Chief Talent Officer
Online Job Finder
Schedule Generator
Dictionary Lookup
Lifestyle Coaching
Communication Coach
Life Coach Manager
Personal Growth Coach
Public Speaking Coach
Stress Management Coach
Time Management Coach
Daily Planning Manager
Life Planner Helper
Self Development Manager
Idea Planner
Online Personal Finance Manager
RPM & OPA Planning Manager
Chief Product Officer
Chief Quality Manager
Chief Quality Officer
Productized Service Generator
Service Productizer
Product Description Generator
Conversion Rate Optimization Advisor
App Generator
Mobile App Generator
UX Design
Project Management
Chief Coding Manager
Chief Coding Officer
Project Manager
Proposal Generator
Plan Generator
Project Plan Generator
Productive Questions & Productive AI Commands
Financial Administration
Chief Financial Officer
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Administrative Officer
Data Scientist
Information Security
Chief Information Officer
Information Officer
Business Intelligence Manager
Chief Technology Officer
Technical Support Specialist
Al Partnership Manager
Online Business Automation Manager
Chief Al Manager
Chief Al Partnership Manager
Content & Public Relations
Chief Content Manager
Chief PR Officer
PR Manager
Content Marketing Manager
Content Strategist
Webinar Generator
Social Media
Social Media Ad Generator
Social Media Comment Generator
Social Media Deal Generator
Social Media Manager
Social Media Post Generator
Social Post Generator
Social Group Post Generator
YouTube Video Generator
IG Story Maker
Story Maker
Video Generator
Article Generator
Content Creator
Chief Writing Master
Acquisition Generator
Legal Department / Corporate Counsel
Consulting Contract Generator
Consultant Generator
Agreement Generator
Business Contract Generator
Contract Generator
Legal Advisor
Service Contract Generator
Chief Legal Officer
Testimonials & Reviews
Permission to Use Other Companies Testimonials and Reviews
Testimonial & Reviews Generator
Partnerships & Affiliates
Chief Affiliate Manager
Chief Partnership Officer
Strategic Partnership Generator
Whitelabel Partnership Generator
Super Affiliate Deal Generator
Affiliate Partnership Generator

AI that is built for BUSINESSES.

No more generic TrashGPT AI that everyone else uses.

📈 Each AI chat worker significantly outperforms conventional AI solutions, such as GPT-based models, by integrating multiple AI technologies.

🔍 Imagine a PERSONAL AI assistant for every aspect of your company that understands your situation, relationships, team dynamics, business, brand, and industry


Our AI is custom-branded and accessible exclusively by your team members via a private page with usernames and passwords you provide.

🔑 With our AI Chat Workers, your managers and team leaders will have complete visibility into all conversations that your teams have with our expert-level AI technology, allowing you to stay informed and make better decisions.

🔓 From our collection of over 147 specialized roles in areas like Sales, Marketing, Project Management, Strategic Thinking, Leadership, Customer Service, Recruiting, Training, Content, Operations, Automation, and many more, we’ll work with you to identify the biggest momentum shifters for your unique situation and implement them to your business. They will exist on your private URL for maximum security and exclusivity.

And that’s not all… our AI also addresses you and your team members by name, grasping your job descriptions and goals, multiplying the quality of cooperation within your organization.

Let's look at the results just ONE, or a few AI Chat Workers can provide.

Let's say you want to multiply your marketing ability, first we tailor an AI Chat Worker to your marketing efforts, and then your marketing team will be able to do the following 10-100x faster and with higher expertise and quality than before:

✅ Get ideas for high-converting creatives

✅ Find high-growth markets and audiences to target

✅ Write a personality-driven, weekly newsletter

✅ Find new product ideas

✅ Create a content marketing strategy

✅ Optimize Facebook ads

✅ Create funnels and upsell pages

✅ Craft product reviews

✅ Write product comparisons

✅ Generate email subject lines to increase open rate

✅ Research meta-tags and write SEO-friendly descriptions

✅ Create quiz funnels with questions & results

✅ Create High Converting Chat & Email sequences flows

✅ Create highly engaging scripts for video content

✅ Write SMS campaigns, reminders & follow-ups

✅ Create high-converting sales scripts

✅ Optimise social media bios & posts for increased sales

✅ Identify your unique brand voice

✅ Translate website to any language

✅ Summarise data for reporting & client calls

...and that's just the beginning. For one Chat Worker & department.

💰 Imagine how much money and freedom would all those hours represent?

  • Profitably scale your businesses with a lean team
  • Get more time to live life for the whole organization and do more things you love doing, keeping you and your teams more fulfilled and loyal to work with you
  • Stop your team (or teams) from doing boring manual tasks
  • Multiply your company evaluation
  • Offer more services to clients
  • Serve 10x more clients with the same team

All because you have the elite tech, role specific tools right ready-to-use and practical templates to maximise your profit potential with ChatWorkers AI.

Here's how it works

Step 1. You Fill Our Form

After you order a package, we’ll send you a form where you’ll ask you questions on your situation, needs and objectives. The purpose of the form is to give us enough information on your goals so that we can tailor the service for your company and individual situation. The setup of the technology for your specific situation takes a while, so this part is crucial. 

The delivery time for our solutions varies depending on the complexity of the project, but we typically deliver within 2-7 days. In rare cases where we experience high traffic and order volumes, it may take up from 1.5 to 2 weeks for us to complete the setup of your workers.

Step 2. Start

You’ll receive a login link to your ChatWorkersAI Panel where you (and your team) can start learning the ins and outs of ChatWorkers & how they will help you streamline your operations. Inside you will find specialized AI tips & tricks for the use of the assistants, how to use the templates to produce as much gold from them for your situation and more.

Step 3. Enjoy

As we’ve set up the workers and entire system on your private URL, you can start automating the day-to-day work within your organization and streamlining your scaling process with AI ChatWorkers. You’ll save countless hours of time and will finally have opportunities to come up with new creative ideas for your ventures and personal life.

This Is For You If...

…You want to 100x your team’s productivity and results, and have your teams master AI ChatWorkers in your day to day, but…

  • You don’t want to build the technology, tools, templates and step-by-step instructions from 0
  • You don’t want to keep playing around with the same AI everyone else tries to work out
  • You don’t want to find the best AI experts on the planet, build a team from them, motivate them, and pay them a lot of money to create a setup that’s even somewhat similar to what we have
  • You don’t want to spend countless of hours googling and reading books about AI, or have your employees have to do that
  • You don’t want to start with a blank canvas, wondering where to begin
  • You don’t want to spend your own precious time finding so-so AI solutions for your company (or companies) that get so-so results

Stop standing on the side while others are actively using ChatWorkers AI for their advantage. Simply use copy & paste proven templates, your company can save countless hours each day per employee, while scaling your organization with expert-level AI.

Ready To Unlock The FULL Power Of AI?

"Al is the new electricity. Just as 100 years ago electricity transformed every industry, Al will now do the same."

Imagine what would that increased productivity and saved time represent for you and your team?

No more waste on boring, inefficient tasks

Open space for more clients & higher revenue

Staying ahead of your competitors

Be able to offer more value to the marketplace

Do more of the passionate work that got you into the business

Scale with a lean setup

Multiply your company evaluation

When you have tools that are proven to work, you become UNBEATABLE.

What can you do to not fall
behind on the competition?

To stay ahead of the growing AI wave, you need to implement expert-level AI technology, high-quality templates, and exclusive security. The wave has started, and it isn’t stopping.👇

The global AI market value is expected to reach $267 billion by 2027.

(Fortune Business Insights)

The total contribution of AI to the global economy is expected to hit $15.7 trillion by 2030.

(PwC Global)

The AI industry could be worth more than $15 trillion by 2030.


59% of executives strongly believe artificial intelligence applications will improve big data in their companies.


With Billion Euro Enterprises LTD as your partner, you can tap into this massive potential and get a piece of those results for your business. 🚀 Don't miss out on the opportunity... 📈 In terms of partnerships, you can contact us at partners@chatworkers.ai.

People using AI wisely will simply beat you, not AI.

🤖More and MORE businesses are already using AI. 

✔️ You still have time to get AHEAD. Because competitors will slowly outcompete you by using AI ChatWorkers exactly how YOU SHOULD.

The industry is changing, and you HAVE to be fast.

Find a way to use AI ChatWorkers to your advantage.

The capability to utilize and leverage AI to one’s advantage will be the distinguishing factor for a new generation of business masterminds. 

Learning to use AI Chat Workers and other AI technology is no longer an option that can be ignored

We provide personalized, expert-level AI solutions with technology built by our expert teams that caters to your business, brand, industry, team dynamics, and objectives.

Adapt Your Business to Using AI Before The Competition Does..

With each of our collections, you'll receive 30 Chat Workers for 3 team members, (valued already at over $300,000 per month).

That's a total of 90 Chat Workers customized with expert-level AI assistance. Additional packages of extra Chat Workers can be implemented for $10,000 per person, with 30 Chat Workers customized for each person.

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Customer Success Manager
  • Business Automation Manager
  • Demo Video Generator
  • High-Ticket Online Course-Program Generator
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • High Ticket Sales Page Generator
  • Business Analyst
  • Executive Assistant
  • Scrum Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • High Ticket Sales Manager 
  • High Ticket Sales Coach
  • High Ticket Sales Letter Generator
  • Quality Control Manager
  • CEO Coach
  • Chief Affiliate Manager
  • Sales Coach
  • Customer Service Manager
  • Customer Service Representative
  • High Ticket Sales Coach
  • Social Media Manager
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Chief Product Officer – Productizing Chat Services
  • Product Manager
  • Sales and Marketing Material Creator
  • Social Media Material Generator and Creator
  • Project Manager

...and the templates our collections include.

Click the images to open the full resolution image!

30-Day Action Plan

Templates for Assistants' Toolbox (710+ Versatile Template Collection & 155+ Time-Saving Automation Solutions)

Templates for Boosting Productivity (950+ Versatile Template Collection & 205+ Time-Saving Automation Solutions)

Templates for Support Solutions (750+ Versatile Template Collection & 140+ Time-Saving Automation Solutions)

Over 480 Time-Saving Solutions for Automating 85+ Essential Tasks

Templates for Marketing Mastery (1,000+ Versatile Template Collection & 180+ Time-Saving Automation Solutions)

Templates for HR Excellence (800+ Versatile Template Collection & 220+ Time-Saving Automation Solutions)

Templates for Web Development Essentials (940+ Versatile Template Collection & 160+ Time-Saving Automation Solutions)

Templates for Agency Success (860+ Versatile Template Collection & 165+ Time-Saving Automation Solutions)

Templates for Startup Foundations (945+ Versatile Template Collection & 200+ Time-Saving Automation Solutions)

Templates for Sales Strategies (830+ Versatile Template Collection & 210+ Time-Saving Automation Solutions)

Templates For Entrepreneurship Development


Streamline your business and save time, allowing you to focus on scaling your business and achieving your goals.

$10,000.00 $340,000.00


You Save 97% ($330,000.00) every month.


Drive growth and profitability on an entirely new level.

$30,000.00 $570,000.00


You Save 95% ($540,000.00) every month.


Designed for entrepreneurs who demand the best. Leverage the full power of AI to 100x your team’s productivity faster than others.

$50,000.00 $760,000.00


You Save 94% ($710,000.00) every month.


The Enterprise Chat Workers AI solution. This is tailored to the specific needs of  businesses already making at least 8-9 figures a year. With our expertise and cutting-edge technology, you’ll be able to optimize your operations, increase efficiency, and drive growth like never before. Experience the full potential of AI technology for you and your teams.

$100,000.00 $1,150,000.00


You Save 92% ($1,100,000.00) every month.

Just try our Al Chat Workers program & templates for your business and see for yourself how much you'll be able to multiply your speed and time. If for any reason you don't see results, you have the right to get a full 5-day refund no questions asked. There is 0 risk for you and unlimited upside potential.

Do you have more questions? Here are the answers!


If your company has the required extra capital every month to start with any of the packages above, you’re a part of a business that exists in one of the mentioned industries, you share values of integrity, work ethic, and you are looking to utilize AI in your strategy, + you’re looking for responsible and sustainable solutions, then this service is a fit for you.

We believe that by partnering with businesses that prioritize these qualities, we can create long-term, fruitful relationships that drive mutual success and growth.

We know what you’re likely thinking. “Why $10k-$100k per month”?

We know that our expert-level AI technology and customized solutions can help businesses multiply their investment quickly. We understand that you may have concerns about the price, but we assure you that whichever package you choose, we are committed to delivering results that will exceed your expectations. Our Client Success Managers and Coaches are dedicated to ensuring that you have a positive experience and achieve maximum results for your business. Plus, with our better guarantees and superior service, you can rest assured that you are getting the best possible value for your investment, and multiply your investment in even a short timeframe, when the Chat Workers are used right.

Here are some key points to keep in mind:

  • Even our current prices may not be available for long, so act fast to take advantage of this opportunity.

  • Our Client Success Managers and Coaches will be watching to ensure that you get the most out of our service.

The Chat Workers aren’t cheap nor low effort to set up, which is why our team puts their full effort on the customers that we get, and we still offer a money-back guarantee, because our best interest is to have satisfied, monthly recurring customers and long-term relationships & partnerships. This is why we care about your success with our service. With lower price points, the promise we have and our commitment to our customers would not even make sense, and without paying an investment.

After ordering a solution, we will ask you to fill out a form that provides us with the information we need to tailor the package to your unique needs. Once we have mapped out your situation, we have to do testing and optimization as we set up the solution for your business.

Once our team has approved of it, your team will be able to implement the solution using the expert-level AI technology and guidance we provide.

As long as you have the extra budget to allocatee, of course! Companies know that they will be more competitive if their employees understand Al. Once you got approval, you can easily purchase the product through this page or email us at partners@chatworkers.ai for an invoice. If you have any problem, just ask us.

The delivery time for our solutions varies depending on the complexity of the project, but we typically deliver within 2-7 days. In rare cases where we experience high traffic and order volumes, it may take up from 1.5 to 2 weeks for us to complete the setup of your workers.

You can use this letter template to emphasize your interest in management in the Chat Workers AI service:

Hi [Boss’ Name],

I appreciate that our company has a culture of supporting continuing education, professional development, and a more diverse pool of future leaders.

To that end, you’ve also mentioned in the past that the company will cover expenses for us to continue our learning as long as it benefits our team.

I believe ChatWorkers AI, an expert-level AI Powered DFY service is more practical, timely, and cost-effective compared with the traditional AI tools or templates for our growth. This AI setup would allow us to become highly proficient, enabling our teams to contribute to our success in a bigger way.

Here’s the breakdown of the info for the training:

Date: As soon as possible

Cost: $10,000-$100,000 per month

More info: (LINK TO THIS PAGE)

Is this something that I can pursue through our department?

Please let me know if you have any concerns. I’d be happy to schedule a time for us to chat more about this opportunity.

Thank you for being open to these kinds of suggestions and for supporting my growth and development here.

Best, [Your Name]

Absolutely not. Al is a tool and, like all tools, you can either decide to use it yourself or cooperate with someone who uses it. What matter is that you comprehend what you can achieve with it and what you need to make it work.

With our Done-For-You service and our Client Success Managers, we’ll handle the heavy lifting for you, saving you time and effort while achieving maximum results for your business.

We understand that you may have concerns about our abilities to deliver results, since we don’t yet have much of an online presence. We get it.

While we have focused on the technology and product development so that we’ve been able to put together this many Chat Workers and bring them to you quickly and with quality. While we may not have a flashy online brand, we are constantly working to improve our services and provide the best possible support to our customers. We are human too, and not perfect, but we are committed to providing the best possible service and support to our customers.

Our path is different from yours as we provide these workers for your use, but our commitment to your success remains the same.

Each setup and maintenance of the AI packages is a monthly subscription, so as long as you keep renewing, you’ll keep full access to the service.

Yes, we do. We offer a 5-day money-back guarantee from the date of the setup being done for your business. You’ll just have to explain to us what you didn’t enjoy to help us improve our offer.

Yes. Send an email  to partners@chatworkers.ai with your inquiry.

In all collections and packages, we include a 100% 5-Day Money Back Guarantee.


We’re so confident in our products, where if for whatever reason, you’re not completely satisfied, you have the right to get a full 5-day refund – no questions asked. These workers aren’t cheap to set up, as each order requires testing and optimization on our end to tailor it for your company, so our number 1 priority is to keep our customers satisfied for the long run.

Earning Potential For You: Unlimited. 


A single business can shave off hundreds of hours of effort, per employee, every single month – when utilizing our ChatWorkersAI setup, which could easily let us justify 10x the prices we charge now.

Opportunities Like The Current AI Revolution Only Come Along Once In A Lifetime... If Ever.

Don't Miss Out On Getting This Huge Al Advantage...

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DISCLAIMER: While we are committed to delivering exceptional results for our customers, we understand that hard work, creating value, and serving others are still essential components of success for us and our clients. Our promise is to provide the tools and expertise necessary to help businesses achieve their goals with AI, but it is ultimately up to each individual to put in the effort and dedication required to succeed. As stated by law, we can not and do not make any guarantees about your own ability to get results or earn any money with our ideas, information, programs or strategies.

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